Best Coffee Makers for Single Person

Best Coffee Makers for Single Person

Americano, cappuccino, latte, caramel macchiato, most people know the types and taste of coffee, but say not the specific types of coffee machines, what are the classifications of coffee machines? How to use a coffee machine?

Before answering these questions, first of all, it is necessary to clarify your demand for coffee above. If you only drink a few cups occasionally, there is no need to buy professional equipment; if you only like simple American-style coffee, there is no need to buy a professional espresso machine.

Please continue to read on if you can't tell the difference between these coffee machines.

What you Should Know Before Choosing a Coffee Maker


1. Semi-automatic coffee machine

Also known as the traditional Italian coffee machine. This machine is mainly produced in Italy, the main characteristics are: the machine structure is simple, reliable work, easy maintenance, and according to the correct use of the method can produce high-quality Italian coffee. The disadvantages of this machine are also advantages: the operator needs to be highly trained to make high-quality coffee, and a good barista can provide customized coffee.

But it is indeed a mental treat to be able to operate it by hand and make a delicious cup of coffee.

Pros: The espresso brewed by a semi-automatic coffee machine is brewed at high pressure instantly and has a very strong flavor, which is also important for making all kinds of milk coffee.

Cons: You have to use coffee powder, and the coffee has to be cleaned immediately after brewing.

Best Coffee Makers for Single Person

2. Fully automatic coffee machines

High-quality fully automatic coffee machines brew coffee according to the most scientific data and procedures, and are equipped with a perfect protection system, the use of both Convenience, just a touch of a button to get the coffee, its convenience is better than the traditional coffee machine.

The structure is more complex and requires good maintenance and higher maintenance costs are the disadvantages of such machines. However, the outstanding advantages of fully automatic coffee machines such as convenience, speed, consistent quality, high efficiency, and no training required for the operator make them increasingly popular.

Manufacturers mostly focus on automatic coffee machines made in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and other countries, with a wide variety. Among them, the Swiss-made automatic coffee machine design is ingenious and unique. Italian-made automatic coffee machines, are simple in appearance, stable, and reliable in quality, and are well known in the international coffee machine industry.

Fully automatic coffee machines according to the number of cups of coffee brewed per hour (generally from 60 to 280 cups per hour) are divided into large, medium, and small, with a wide range of varieties, suitable for an office and home.

Pros: Easy to operate, strong flavor.

Cons: High price and requires regular cleaning

Best Coffee Makers for Single Person

3. Capsule coffee machine

Coffee powder in an aluminum capsule-shaped box, the inside is usually also filled with nitrogen to prevent the coffee powder oxidation, when you want to drink coffee, you put this capsule into the machine, press the switch, and out! Very convenient, this is a capsule coffee machine.

The biggest feature of the capsule coffee machine is convenience, the machine does not require much deliberate cleaning, and does not take up much space, can be said to be very convenient! A variety of capsules will also be made into different flavors, and even some flower and fruit tea can also be made into capsules. The coffee that is made is close to the flavor of the coffee shop.

Pros: convenient, really convenient, cleaning frequency than automatic and semi-automatic coffee machine beans to be lower. No need to buy coffee powder, coffee capsules instead and the flavor can be changed at any time, without worrying about the coffee powder will expire or spoiling.

Cons: High price. Not all coffee capsules are suitable for all capsule coffee machines, so pay attention to this point before buying. Of course, additional capsules need to be purchased, which is an additional and not negligible cost.

Coffee Maker For Single Person

4. Other small coffee makers

Compared to the above two types of coffee makers, the most obvious features of this type of coffee maker are small size, easy to carry on the go, and affordable price. Typical representative coffees are Moka pots, French press pots, and portable espresso machines.

Pros: No training required, easy to operate, can be taken on the go, hot/cold drinks are available, strong flavor, affordable

Cons: need to spend extra time brewing, some need to boil extra water, can not meet the requirements of professional coffee flavor

Coffee Maker For Single Person



If you are looking for pure convenience and do not want to experience the pleasure of brewing coffee, then it is recommended that you choose a fully automatic coffee machine.

If you don't have the time and don't want to buy additional coffee powder, then a capsule coffee machine is for you.

If you want to experience making your cup of coffee with your own hands, then it is highly recommended that you choose a semi-automatic or other small coffee maker. After all, drinking your own hand-operated and prepared coffee is indeed a mental pleasure.


Features to Consider in A Single-serve Coffee Maker

After learning about the different types of coffee machines, it is important to consider your needs, as these machines are versatile and very unique.

Coffee powder or coffee beans

Not all coffee makers or coffee pots can meet both of these needs It doesn't matter how expensive a coffee maker you buy. When choosing a coffee maker for one's application, it is a priority to clarify which way you prefer. Or do you want to have both?



There are so many fully automatic single-serve coffee makers out there now that are so fast, it's a boon to busy people! It's so convenient to be able to make a cup of coffee in half a minute.

Of course, if you want to buy a compact affordable coffee maker, the making time is just 3-5 minutes, and you can drink it right after you wash up.



A more expensive coffee maker may not be able to meet all your needs. Before you buy, ask yourself: Do you want a latte? Cappuccino? Iced coffee? Some of the top single-serve coffee machines can cover all of the above beverage types, but most single-serve coffee machines can only focus on one or two.

Also, if you like milk coffee, do you need to consider whether there is a milk frothing function? Can you make espresso?

Each coffee machine has different settings and capabilities, so make sure you know which brewing methods your machine can make before making a final decision.



If you don't have a high demand for coffee, just a cup in the morning, a smaller coffee maker or coffee pot is better for you. Conversely, if you have several cups of coffee a day, it is more convenient to choose a fully automatic, or capsule coffee machine within an acceptable price range (high frequency of use means the high frequency of cleaning and maintenance, and all, whether you have enough time, is also an important factor to consider)

Of course, despite the fully automatic or capsule coffee machine, without the function, the size of the difference is still very obvious, but also consider whether the counter can fit. Does the water tank meet too?

Of course, if it is a small coffee maker, there is no need to consider these issues.



I think everyone who likes coffee has their favorite coffee cup. Most coffee makers can fit a standard mug, so before buying a coffee maker why not see if it matches your favorite cup?


Best Coffee Maker for A Single Person

After sharing so much about how to choose a coffee maker, which style and which brand should I choose?

When you open Amazon or other shopping platforms, you will find a lot of choices.

If you are new to coffee, I suggest you look on the shopping platform and see their consumer feedback, after all, not all the explanations can show all the features perfectly. It might help you more to know what others have used!

Yes, I'm not going to share other coffee makers with you here. Buying is a very subjective process. I'm more interested in sharing how to judge, and how to choose, and if you've found a great coffee maker or coffee pot, please share it with me too!

As for me, I prefer the process of brewing coffee and enjoy the outdoors, so a portable coffee maker is my first choice in life. As are those products shared on my website. I hope you like them too.

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