pour over coffee maker gift set

Best Gift for Coffee Lover with Inexpensive Coffee Set

The annual traditional holiday - Christmas is approaching, do you have your gifts ready? For coffee lovers, it would be a real pleasure to receive a coffee pot set as a gift!

Coffee sets come in a wide range of prices, from a dozen dollars to thousands of dollars, how do you choose? For an introductory coffee lover, how do you choose a gift that will surprise the other person?

Here I'll share a pour-over coffee set that I hope you will be delighted with.


Coffee Gift for Coffee Lovers

This is an entry-level pour-over coffee with a high-quality, hand-held leather case for one-piece storage, making it especially suitable for gift-giving.

pour over coffee maker gift set

This high-quality coffee appliance contains a handleless hand brew pot, hand crank grinder, drip filter pot, and sharing pot. For more product sizes, please check out.

pour over coffee maker gift set

Details to share.

1. Hand-brew pot

  • Double-layer leather wrapping - heat insulation and anti-scald

Double microfiber overlapping stitching, thick milk froth, comfortable grip, not only beautiful and useful

pour over coffee maker gift set

  • Pot with internal capacity scale

304 stainless steel internal capacity scale, clear scale, the amount of water at a glance

pour over coffee maker gift set

  • hand-woven design

Anti-heat leather manual strap closure design, cross-winding, weaving techniques, simple disassembly

pour over coffee maker gift set

2. Hand-cranked bean grinder

  • Mini-type bean grinder design, easy to carry

pour over coffee maker gift set

  • Detachable design, clear and more convenient, rotate and twist to open

pour over coffee maker gift set

  • Adjustable coarse and fine grinding

Powder coarse and fine adjustment, according to the needs of free adjustment, clockwise the finer, and vice versa, the coarser

pour over coffee maker gift set

  • Waist buckle design

Can be non-slip, can be stored handle, fashionable and personalized

3. Fully transparent filter cup-sharing pot

  • Filter cup 3 holes infusion design

The bottom of the filter cup is evenly distributed 3 small holes, the coffee liquid is smooth when extracting, easier for beginners to get started

pour over coffee maker gift set

  • Panoramic visual production, coffee aesthetics full of points

Sharing pot and drip filter cup are made of heat-resistant, high temperature resistant high borosilicate glass, strong light transmission, double thickened glass, anti-scalding hands, and not fragile

pour over coffee maker gift set

In the busy city, DIY a cup of pour-over coffee to feel another kind of peace in the noisy life.

In the festive atmosphere of Christmas, the family manually makes a cup of coffee, which is warm and happy.


Why People Love Pour-Over Coffee So Much

Perhaps many people have drip filter one-touch start coffee machines in their homes, which is a particularly convenient way to reconstitute coffee. As long as time allows, I prefer to use a pour-over coffee to brew myself a cup of my favorite coffee flavor.

Why do so many people like pour-over coffee?

pour over coffee maker gift set

This simple way of brewing coffee better violates the flavor of the coffee itself. For coffee lovers, a thousand different coffee flavors are what matters most. For example, the strong chocolate aroma of mocha coffee beans, and the fruity aroma of Yegashefi that waking explodes, are all aromas that can be easily enjoyed while brewing.

Most of the pour-over coffee tools are exquisite, with very different styles, which can have a retro style or a streamlined style, and different tools can present different occasions, sometimes elegant, sometimes lively, and sometimes natural and fresh. This is undoubtedly another reason why people love pour-over coffee so much.

The last thing is the technique. Pour over coffee requires a lot of skill. The seemingly simple brewing process can be so fine that the water flow, water temperature, and filtering time all have to be controlled. Those who can do a good job with a hand-brewing pot undoubtedly become a group of people who are considered "high class".

Pour-over coffee is an interesting experiment. If you like it, then keep exploring its mysteries, want a good cup of pour-over coffee, you need to keep trying to make a cup of the best pour-over coffee in your mind.

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