Can French Press Make Espresso

Can French Press Make Espresso

Wanna make espresso but don't have an espresso machine? As long as you're not a perfectionist, I have an easier, more cost-effective way to share with you!

Whether you're planning on buying a multi-hundred dollar espresso machine or looking for an alternative to an expensive coffee maker, read this article first before you make a decision, and I hope it helps!

What You Should Know About Espresso And French Press

Do we have to use a coffee machine to make espresso? But how is espresso made?

What Is The Grease On Espresso?

When a coffee machine extracts espresso, the coffee powder is extracted because it is ground to a very fine level and under a pressure of up to 9 bar. When the hot water passes through the coffee powder cake, the carbon dioxide in the coffee powder takes on a supersaturated state, and there is no way to release the carbon dioxide and integrate it directly into the coffee liquid. The high pressure also forces the oils contained in the coffee to leave the coffee cake and be brought out by the hot water.

During coffee extraction, when the coffee liquid flows out of the coffee machine, the atmospheric pressure also returns to normal. The carbon dioxide that remains in the coffee liquid meets the grease in the coffee liquid, and the grease wraps around the carbon dioxide, which is the reason we see the grease (crema) produced.

Do I have To Use An Espresso Machine To Make The Espresso?

When there is no coffee machine, we can try to make coffee by drip filter or immersion, by reducing the ratio of powder to water, to get a highly concentrated coffee liquid.

Of course the coffee liquid we make this way cannot be compared to that of an espresso machine. No matter which way you make it, the coffee liquid is not as rich and full-bodied as that of espresso, and there is no way to achieve the grease on espresso.

French press pots make espresso without the richness of the grease but can retain the original grease in the coffee. Unlike drip coffee, without filter paper, the grease and very fine powder in the coffee will be retained, so the taste is smoother and mellower.


How to Make Espresso-like Coffee in A French Press

We normally use the French press pot to make coffee with a powder-to-water ratio of 1:15, but this time we use the French press pot to make espresso, we need to use a low powder-to-water ratio to extract a high concentration of coffee liquid, so you can use a 1:4 ratio to make coffee liquid

Step 1: Grinding beans

Use 20 grams of coffee beans ground to the size of fine sugar, a little finer than the normal grind of a French press pot

Step 2: Warm the cup

Preheat the French press pot with warm water first to prevent the temperature difference from causing a tasteless difference

Step 3: Boil water

Use filtered water and heat to around 195° F

Step 4: Add the coffee powder and water

Pour the coffee powder into the preheated French press pot, and pour the hot water into it, the water ratio is 1:4, gently stir the coffee powder for 10 seconds, and then put in the rest of the hot water.

Step 5: Blooming

Wait for 3 minutes for the coffee liquid to hold in the pot, as the grind becomes finer, the time needed can be reduced a bit, but please do not go below 3 minutes. Cover with a lid to prevent heat loss.

Step 6: Slowly press down the pressure bar & enjoy

Slowly lower the lever, filter the coffee, and then enjoy the "espresso"!
The espresso produced can also be used to make different milk coffee drinks!

What French Press to Buy

Looking for a French press? With many brands and styles to choose from on the market, there is only one criterion for an excellent French press: an excellent filter.

We typically see filters made of stainless steel, with 2-layer, 3-layer, and even 4-layer filters.Can French Press Make Espresso
There are also silicone filters that use grades, which usually achieve 4 layers of filtration.Can French Press Make Espresso

And after using both types, the effect of the silicone filter French press pot will be even better and does not hurt the inner wall, easy to clean. Just soak it in warm water for a few minutes and strain it with water, and it won't hurt your hands. Why not try it?

Other Ways to Make Espresso Without A Machine

The French press pot is the best recommended way to make espresso. It requires no special preparation tools, the method is simple, and the flavor is great. But if you ask, what other options are available, look at the following ways.

  • Manual mini espresso machine: This is a cool espresso machine. You can make espresso directly with ground coffee or coffee capsules by squeezing hard. Small size, can be carried on the go and can make one or two servings of espresso at the same time. If we talk about the cons, the price is more expensive than the French press pot.espresso maker
  • Aeropress: This product is much cheaper than the mini espresso machine, but why don't I recommend it? First, the pros: good value for money, easy to make, and portable. For me, there is one Achilles heel: it requires a lot of effort to make espresso, and if your cup is not of good quality, breaking it or spilling coffee all over the table will hit you hard.Can French Press Make Espresso

Final Thought

A French press pot is a versatile coffee maker that can solve many of your daily needs. But it is not a perfect coffee maker. For example, it can't make a perfect espresso like it does.

But it is slightly better in terms of appearance, functionality, and price. I think that's why it has been so popular with everyone, right?

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