Coffee Maker When Camping

Coffee Maker When Camping

It would make this time even more fabulous if you could have a great cup of coffee no matter where you were camping. To be able to achieve these good times, I must share those wonderful coffee makers of mine, which makes camping less monotonous.Coffee Maker When Camping
I like to travel, but also like camping. I like the beautiful scenery and the new things that I can see during the trip. More like the simplicity and purity of camping. For coffee lovers, if you can still enjoy a steaming cup of coffee during the journey or camping, then the trip will become more fantastic.
Camping enthusiasts know that finding a coffee maker that is easy to use, portable, and makes great coffee is not easy. When you start to go looking for the best way to make the perfect coffee, you will find a whole bunch of products out there that will overwhelm you. Based on our experience as travel enthusiasts, we are talking about key aspects such as portability, durability, easy cleaning, and the brewing process, example. We'd like to share some of the methods that we think are good so that you too can easily make your cup of "wild coffee" flavor.

Quick Recommendations 

Simple & durable personal coffee maker:
Filter Coffee Maker-Stainless Steel Mini Pour Over Coffee Filter($26.38)
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Best Espresso Lovers:
Espresso Coffee Maker-Double Shots Portable Camping Coffee Maker($172.03)
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Best French Press:
Camping French Press Coffee Maker-Thickened Borosilicate Glass ($48.55)
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Best Moka Pot:
Moka Pot-Stovetop espresso maker Strong Coffee Maker($30.29)
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Best Lightweight:
Mini Coffee Maker-Foldable Drip Coffee Maker for Travelling ($46.38)
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Lets know more about them:
  1. Filter Coffee Maker-Stainless Steel Mini Pour Over Coffee FilterCoffee Maker When Camping
Pros: Foldable design, suitable for many sizes and types of cups. Double-layer food safety 304 stainless steel mesh, smooth surface, easy to rinse, powder residue. Enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere.
Cons: personal coffee, unable to share with friends at the same time.
  1. Espresso Coffee Maker-Double Shots Portable Camping Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker When Camping
Pros:  large capacity with compact size as iPhone 8P, requires no electricity, supports hot & iced water to brew, rich crema espresso with double shots in one minute
Cons: a bit expensive, I think
  1. Camping French Press Coffee Maker, Thickened Borosilicate Glass
Coffee Maker When Camping
Pros: Small U French press double anti-scald filter design, thickened borosilicate glass keeps the coffee warm, and BPA-Free. Modern design which I love the design.
Cons: No handle, gotta pay attention while using, prevent coffee pouring
  1. Moka Pot-Stovetop espresso maker Strong Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker When Camping
Pros: There is nothing more pleasant than a hot cup of coffee, especially one cup of strong coffee while camping, that’s fantastic!
Cons: Need a portable stove-top, and be careful with the heat when making
  1. Mini Coffee Maker-Foldable Drip Coffee Maker for Travelling

Coffee Maker When Camping

Pros: If you like hand-brewed coffee then this is a great choice, add some ice cubes, then you could enjoy one cup of iced coffee, too. I like it as it can be foldable into mini sizes, just pack it into my pockets!
Cons: Hand-brewed flavors are not a good choice if you like espresso. Of course, it needs a cup of coffee.

what's most important to you in a camping coffee maker? 

  • The Price 
As you learn more about camping coffee tools, you will find that there are both affordable and expensive options. Of course, I believe that a bag of quality coffee beans can solve a lot of problems. So, for the price of coffee utensils, what is more, important is, do you need this type of coffee utensil?
  • The portability 
Everyone has a different purpose for camping. Some people like to be simply equipped and purely enjoy the beauty of nature while sipping coffee outdoors. Some people like to have a good time outdoors with friends, and professional camping equipment is especially important. For coffee appliances, some require an open flame, those that require a power source, and those that require nothing at all. So before choosing an appliance, be clear about your needs for this camping trip.
  • The durability 
When you're traveling or camping outdoors, you can't avoid a lot of accidents. It is especially important that the coffee utensils we choose are durable and not easily broken. Of course, we need products that are durable and sturdy. This is what we need for camping.
  • The Taste 
Do you prefer Americano or espresso? Which flavor of coffee do you prefer? When camping, I recommend a portable espresso machine, which would be even better if you can use capsules or ground coffee. Although not comparable to a professional espresso machine, this espresso portable coffee maker can be just as good outdoors, and we can add milk to make a latte of our choice. When it comes to ground coffee, the flavor is a very personal thing and can be purchased to your liking.
  • The brewing speed 
I guess, except for the espresso machine which is ready to drink, all other coffee makers need to boil water to make coffee by brewing method now. So, for a steaming cup of coffee, remember to bring along a boiling kettle, and luckily, there are now a good number of portable outdoor stoves where boiling water becomes a particularly simple matter.
  • The easy cleanup 
Cleaning a coffee maker is a very important thing to do, and it is especially important to clean a simple coffee maker so that your next enjoyment is not compromised. Of course, the ones I recommend can all be easily cleaned. After cleaning, remember to keep the coffee maker dry.
 Coffee Maker When Camping

How we brew coffee while camping

  • Cookware
Perhaps, deciding which outdoor coffee maker to buy will also involve considering which way you choose to camp. If it's car camping, you'll not only have the ability to bring more tools with you, such as say a kettle, a portable stove top, and the opportunity to rinse the coffee maker with water. If you are opting for backpacking, then a mini espresso machine, coffee capsules, or ground coffee powder would be more suitable for you. Whichever way you choose, I suggest you bring a mug that keeps the water warm or a travel mug.
  • Water temperature 
We all know that camping conditions are limited, so if you prefer brewed coffee, such as a French press pot, bring the water to a boil and let it sit for a minute or so before the water is warm enough to use for brewing.
  • Preheat the cup 
Those of us who like to make coffee know that you need to preheat your cup before brewing it, to prevent the cup from getting too warm and causing the coffee to become tasteless. So, when boiling water, prepare some extra and a cup of aromatic coffee can be had at any time.
  • Grind coffee 
For fresh coffee beans, grind them on-site (portable grinders are available here, click to learn more) to ensure the freshness of the coffee powder. If you don't want the hassle, we can grind the coffee powder in advance and keep it in an airtight jar for a few days without affecting the flavor. Of course, you can also go to buy some tummy-bagged coffee powder and use nitrogen to give it freshness, the freshness date can be longer.
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