How Many Cups In A French Press?

How Many Cups In A French Press?

The French press does not need a power source, or coffee filters, and can brew a pot of aromatic coffee. Because of the simple operation, portable coffee pot design, aromatic coffee flavor, and popularity among people.

But we need to master the proper coffee ratio, grind size, and brewing time to get a cup of aromatic coffee.

How many cups of coffee can I get from a French press? How large a French press should I buy? Read on to learn more.


How does a French press work?

The principle of the French press is the extraction principle of drip coffee and is a one-time steeping extraction method.

Ps: All coffee extraction principles are divided into two main categories.
1. high temperature and atmospheric pressure hot water extraction, including drip coffee and Arabic coffee; which can be divided into one-time steeping and continuous steeping two
2. High-temperature and high-pressure hot water extraction, including espresso only.

The principle of the French press is a high-temperature, atmospheric pressure one-time steeping.

The French press makes coffee by completely soaking the coffee powder in the pot, and then using a press rod with a metal filter to separate the coffee from the coffee grounds, this brewing method yields a very full-bodied coffee that better reflects the original flavor of the coffee beans.

French press

Of course, this production method can also be more likely to appear powder residue, taste slightly rough, need to filter clean, and reduce the impact of powder residue on the taste of coffee.


The French Press Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Our recommended powder-to-water ratio is 1:15.

The ratio of a cup of strong French press coffee can be 1:12 to a weak ratio of 1:17. This ratio is based on the weight of the coffee powder in grams.

The table below shows the coffee required for different sizes of French press pots and different coffee flavor strengths.

French press coffee Coffee Powder Ratio
Strong (1:12) Regular (1:15) Weak (1:17)
1 cup (8 oz) 14 grams / 2.5 Tbsp 16 grams /3 Tbsp 20 grams /4 Tbsp
2 cups (16 oz) 28 grams / 5 Tbsp 32 grams /6 Tbsp 40 grams /8 Tbsp
4 cups (32 oz) 56 grams /10 Tbsp 64 grams /12 Tbsp 80 grams /16 Tbsp

Before making coffee, use an electronic scale to measure the weight of water and ground coffee. With accurate measurements, you are more likely to brew a pot of aromatic coffee, even if you are new to coffee.


Cold Brew French Press Coffee Ratio

Yes, French press pots can also make cold-brew coffee. All you need to do is change the hot water to cold water, change the powder-to-water ratio, and put it in the fridge to steep overnight.

Try making your favorite cold-brew coffee with the following ratios!

French Press Coffee Coffee Powder Cold Water
17 fl oz 3 oz 16 oz
34 fl oz 6 oz 32 oz
50 fl oz 9 oz 48 oz

It should be noted that when you put it in the refrigerator, it needs to be sealed well to prevent the French press pot from mixing with other flavors in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the coffee taste will be more indescribable.


How Much Coffee In One Cup?

A French press can come in a variety of sizes, and the capacity can vary from brand to brand. Starting from 12 ounces and going up to 51 ounces, you can choose the right capacity according to your daily use habits.

It is important to note here that a French press pot of coffee is not equal to the capacity of a standard American cup.

For example, the standard American cup is 8 fl oz, while the French press cup capacity is 4 fl oz.

In other words, we need to make two cups of French press coffee to get the capacity of a standard American cup.

More capacities could be:

  • 3 cups of French press pot coffee makes 12 ounces of coffee.
  • 4 cups of French press pot coffee make 17 ounces of coffee.
  • 8 cups of French press coffee make 34 ounces of coffee.
  • 12 cups of French press coffee make 31 ounces of coffee.


Tips for Making Coffee in French Press

The entire French press is a heat-resistant glass container with a metal filter with a lever. To make coffee, simply place the coarsely ground coffee powder into the preheated French press, pour in 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit hot water, and steep for 3-4 minutes, then press the lever and pour out the liquid.

1. Preheat. First, pour hot water into the pot, preheat the container with a metal strainer with a pressure bar, then pour out all the hot water and set aside.

2. Grinding. Grind the coffee beans into coarse particles and pour into the pot, coffee ground to the size of coarse sugar can be.

3. Brewing ratio. French press pot brewing powder recommended to use more than 15g, brewing ratio of 1:13-1:16 (if 15g of powder is added to 195-240g of water) want a little richer on 1:13, want just right can be 1:15, want to refresh a little can be 1:16, of course, you can also adjust according to their tastes like.

4. Roast degree. Different roasting levels of coffee should be added to different temperatures of hot water. Light to medium roasted (light brown-brown) coffee is recommended to be steeped in hot water at about 92 degrees Celsius, and dark roasted (dark brown) coffee is steeped in hot water at about 88 degrees Celsius. After adding the hot water, pull the lever to the top of the lid and close it. (Do not press the lever yet)

5. The steeping time also varies depending on the roast level. The recommended steeping time is about 4 minutes for light to medium-roasted coffee and about 3 minutes and 30 seconds for deep-roasted coffee. No need to steep for too long! Since the French press is a direct steeping mode of coffee powder and water, the pleasant flavor can be fully extracted in this period. If you steep for too long, there will be bad coffee flavors, such as woody or burnt bitterness.

6. Press the lever. After the final steeping is complete, press the lever and pour out the coffee liquid at once. (If you do not pour out the coffee liquid at once, the coffee particles in the pot will continue to release bad flavor, and the coffee in the pot will only become less and less tasty ~)

7. Cleaning. Coffee beans will produce grease after roasting, and the French press pot will have a layer of coffee grease after making coffee. When cleaning the French press pot, all the metal parts should be disassembled, both the container and the parts need to be cleaned with detergent and completely dried and dried before being put away.

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