Coffee Grinder for Beginners

How to Choose a Coffee Grinder for Beginners

A good cup of coffee needs a good coffee grinder.

If you have a bag of high-quality coffee beans, and you do not grind the beans into uniform particles to meet the high standard of extraction required for coffee powder, then it is hard to make high-quality coffee even if you have the best skills or machine.

Of a sure thing, for beginners, is the most expensive and well-known coffee grinder will be right for you?

Obviously not. What you need is a grinder that suits your needs.

Coming up next will be recommendations on which grinders are right for you from a beginner's perspective.


Does Coffee Grinder Important for Beginners?

To make a high-quality cup of coffee, the production method, the machine, the coffee bean quality, and the grinding quality play an important role, whether your coffee is good or not, the grinder speaks for itself.

Probably many newcomers to the field are like this, that is, they tend to focus on the choice of equipment such as coffee machines, to study a variety of production methods, but many often ignore the importance of the grinder for the production of coffee quality, they do not know that the grinder for coffee powder can play a very important role in the efficient extraction.

In the coffee industry, it is said that the grinder is more important than the espresso machine. It is important because it is the most important part of the coffee before it is extracted.

The most important factors in the entire coffee chain are: 1) the coffee tree; 2) the process of coffee processing; 3) the roaster; 4) the grinder, and 5) the extraction machine.

For these five factors, we can more easily control the process of grinding beans and extraction. So whether the coffee is well-ground or not, affects the subsequent extraction process.

As a new coffee scholar, understand how to grind different coarse and fine coffee powder, the use of different coarse and fine coffee powder, to be able to well delve into the path of making coffee.

 Coffee Grinder for Beginners

What are the Criteria for Choosing a Coffee Grinder?

1. how to make a cup of high-quality coffee?

It must be good to do these four points: coffee beans, skills, grind beans, and coffee machine, one cannot be missing.

For now, most coffee bean grinders can grind coarse powder, medium coarse powder, medium fine powder, fine powder, and very fine powder composition. These different coffee powders play different roles in the coffee extraction process, some are to form the coffee mellowness, and some are to show the flavor.

Coffee Grinder for Beginners

Ground coffee beans are considered to be an individual entity that comes into contact with water so that extraction occurs.

The length of coffee extraction time is determined by the coarseness of the ground coffee powder: the larger the particles, the longer the extraction time, and the smaller the particles, the shorter the extraction time.

Therefore, the better grinder grinds the coffee powder in the same size and shape, and the overall coffee powder is ground evenly so that the progress of the coffee in the extraction will be the same, which is also the most perfect degree.


2.  The coarseness of the coffee powder grind also determines what kind of coffee it is suitable for making:

-Coarsely ground coffee powder is suitable for French press coffee because the coffee needs to be steeped and the brewing time is longer.

-Medium to coarse ground coffee powder is also suitable for the steeping method of brewing.

-Medium ground coffee powder is suitable for Americano drip coffee.

A medium-fine ground coffee powder is suitable for hand-brewed coffee, which has a sand-like texture and is not as fine as espresso powder, but the resulting hand-brewed coffee has a full flavor.

-Fine ground coffee powder is suitable for espresso because of the high pressure and temperature of the machine, which can extract the essence of coffee instantly.

 Coffee Grinder for Beginners

What are the Types of Coffee Grinders

1, the working principle of the bean grinder: motor by driving the inner knife of the grinder for high-speed rotation, coffee beans will pass through the bean bin into the inner and outer knife and divided into fine particles, becoming the coffee powder we need.

2, bean grinder is divided into two main types: manual coffee bean grinders and electric coffee grinders.

1) Manual bean grinder price is relatively low, generally, about 30 U.S. dollars can be bought, we often find in some coffee shops some are used as decoration. A manual bean grinder grinds more evenly, slow shaking grinding powder is not easy to make the machine heat up, and very little noise. But it grinds very slowly, it is difficult to grind out that fine degree of coffee powder.

Coffee Grinder for Beginners

2) Electric bean grinder is ground by machine, which not only saves time but also saves effort. It is also divided into two types: machete type and sawtooth type.

Machete-type electric bean grinder is less expensive, but very uneven ground for coffee beans, so it is not recommended.

The sawtooth-type electric bean grinder is set with a coarse and fine grinding adjustment button, which grinds the coffee powder evenly and saves time and effort, but the price is undoubtedly relatively high.

 Coffee Grinder for Beginners

To sum up, to buy a bean grinder, please note these two points:

  1.  the bean grinder grinds out the coffee powder in coarse and fine sizes to be even enough, uneven coffee powder may lead to the extraction of coffee that can not show the original flavor.
  2.  bean grinder grinding coffee powder temperature is low enough because the grinder temperature is too high when grinding will lead to premature loss of coffee aroma.


Coffee grinder shopping tips

When you read this, you may not be able to make a decision. Don't panic, it's a normal process. Both manual and electric types have their advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding which type of bean grinder you need to buy, you have two more things to think about:

how often will you use it once you own it?
What are your usage habits?

Please choose the right type according to your usage habits and frequency of use.

1. Manual bean grinder: suitable for those who are willing to spend time grinding coffee

Pro: Its most important feature is the diversity of design, such as classic and elegant retro style, and fashionable and trendy stainless steel style, which can be said to have everything. It does not need the power to grind beans, which is quite eco-friendly. In addition, lightweight, small in size, easy to carry, and especially suitable for outdoor activities.

Cons: The coffee powder capacity of manual grinders is generally less than that of electric models, and the coffee that can be ground at one time is suitable for 1-2 people, which takes some time and effort to complete. If you can accept the above disadvantages, love the slow and methodical way of grinding beans, and enjoy the sound and aroma of the grinding process, then this is a perfect choice.

2. Electric bean grinder: suitable for easy use everyday

First of all, we must be aware that there are large electric bean grinders (similar to the style commonly used in cafes, which require a free-standing grinder on the countertop) and small ones (electric bean grinders that can be taken on the go).

Before making clear which product to buy, be clear about your initial purchase, is it for solo enjoyment or family use? Is it to be carried around or put in the home to use? Once this is clear, the choice becomes easier.

Pro: The one-touch start grinding mode is so convenient for those of you who need to drink coffee every day. The electric version of the grinder can save you a lot of time compared to having to grind manually every time. Smaller electric grinders are usually rechargeable and can be carried around. Larger electric grinders have more features and the capacity to meet the caffeine needs of the day at any time.

Cons: Cleaning can be a lot of hassle, large volume grinders take more time to disassemble and clean, as well as having enough space to store them, and most require plug-in use. Of course, the price of large-volume grinders is also the highest.


A Cost-effective bean grinder recommended

Readers who are familiar with me know that I am an outdoor + coffee lover. For bean grinders, I prefer smaller, portable grinders, both manual and electric.

Yes, if you've read up here and it's clear that you want to buy a home-style electric bean grinder for the whole family, you can choose to close the site now. It is my pleasure that the above information can help you to make a good decision.

Now I will share my personal preference for a small-size manual/electric bean grinder.

Click on my store and you'll see that I've shared several bean grinders.

They all have a small capacity and are especially suitable for two people. You can enjoy drinking coffee with your partner, or your friend, and take pleasure in the drinking time.

If I don't have enough time, I will give priority to an electric bean grinder, which is a type-C interface, and it's especially convenient to charge with your iPhone charger, or your MacBook as well.

Coffee Grinder for Beginners

If I like to camp or picnic outdoors, a manual bean grinder becomes my first choice.

Coffee Grinder for Beginners

Of course, you will find them in the price range of $30 to $100+ after serious comparison, and I hope you can find a suitable grinder for you in it.



How to choose a suitable grinder for yourself, it needs to spend more time on comparison and video understanding. You can refer to more and then make a choice. After all, the products we share are personal preferences and do not mean that they are also suitable for you or that you like them.

Moreover, everyone buys a bean grinder from an inconsistent starting point, for example, if you are a strong hand, you may consider a manual product. On the contrary, the electric version of the bean grinder may be more suitable for you.

Regardless of which product you choose, I hope you enjoy every moment that coffee brings you.

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