How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot

How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot?

Some people like drinking iced coffee, even if it is snowing outside the window, you can not stop the urge to order a cup of iced coffee; some people like drinking hot coffee, despite the arrival of summer, even wearing short sleeves is too hot, but also want to drink a cup of strong hot coffee.

For those who love coffee, there is a problem: the coffee is not done, but it is getting cold. How to do? Especially hot coffee, the taste and quality will drop sharply when it gets cold. Today's article will share a few common mistakes, and of course, the correct way to warm coffee.


Do Not Keep Your Coffee Sit In The French Press

The FIRST RULE of our French press is that the coffee should not stay in the French press after the brewing is done.

Once we lower the pressure bar, it is the stage when the extraction is complete. If we keep the coffee staying inside the French Press, it is equivalent to continuing the extraction and will result in over-extraction of the rest of the coffee, leading to severe bitterness and the rest of the coffee will be wasted.

You can also buy some French press pots with an insulation effect, for example, double stainless steel, insulation effect is better than the clear glass, to maintain the temperature of our coffee for several hours.

But if you remember the " First Rule ", you will not let the coffee stay inside the French press for a long time. Of course, if it only stays for half an hour, it's barely acceptable. After all, it takes a while to finish the first cup.


Commonly Wrong Ways To Keep Coffee Warm

Besides the first rule of making French press pots, let's share the next wrong heating method I often see and see if you've been hit!


1. Use a microwave oven to heat coffee

A microwave oven is indeed a very convenient way to heat. But we need to know the principle of microwave heating: heating by radiation.

This easily leads to uneven heating, maybe the upper part of the coffee is already hot, but the bottom is still warm, or even cold.

At the same time, we can not control the temperature of the microwave oven, which is a very fatal problem for coffee.

This leads to the consequence that some of the coffee is overheated, resulting in the whole cup of coffee having a burnt smell and the flavor is completely ruined.


2. Use a USB socket heater

When you search for "heating coffee tools", you will see some mugs with a USB socket. Pouring brewed coffee into this type of mug will keep the coffee warm.

This type of mug will keep your coffee in a continuously heated state. Just like when we cook food all the time, food can become tasteless from cooking it for a long time. With continuously heated coffee, the flavor is distorted, making the coffee even more unpleasant to drink.

Of course, this mug is perfect for keeping filtered water warm!


3. Insulated French press makers

Many great French press coffee makers come with insulation, which is an especially great product to keep the process of making coffee at the ideal temperature in cold weather, or when making coffee outdoors.

Only after we are done making coffee, need to pour the rest of the coffee into a thermos if we haven't finished drinking it. The purpose is to separate it from the coffee grounds to avoid over-extraction.


Pick The Right Way To Keep Coffee Warm

The cooled coffee will taste sour, and even if it is heated again, it is not the same cup of coffee anymore. So we heat the coffee, is to keep the coffee warm while it is still hot.

To keep coffee warm, my most recommended way is to use a thermal pot or thermal cup.

To maintain this flavor and slow down the loss of coffee flavor, we need to immediately pour the rest of the coffee into a thermos, the flavor will stay the same for 2-3 hours. If several people enjoy it, of course, we recommend using a large-capacity insulated pot.

Insulated mugs can lock in the flavor of the coffee well and slow down the coffee's tastiness through the double layer of insulation barrier. It can also be carried around, making it especially suitable for outdoor use in cold weather.

How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot

But please note:

  • Thermos cups do not have a heating function, they only keep warm.
  • The best time to taste coffee is within 8 minutes, so if you use a thermal cup, please don't leave it too long, and it is recommended to drink it within one hour.


Also, you can "dress" the cup

The principle is the same as with a scarf, putting a scarf on the coffee cup, can separate the coffee from the air, which can slow down the speed of coffee getting cold. Why not try it?

How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot


After sharing all this, summarize one key point: Don't reheat the coffee.

Keep the coffee warm in time to prolong the flavor and not over-extract.

After the coffee is cooled and reheated, you may be able to get another "new cup of coffee".

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