How to make coffee on gas stove

How to make coffee on gas stove

Do you know how to make coffee on a stovetop if you suddenly get the feeling to make it on a stovetop? Can coffee be used for boiling?

How to boil coffee, which coffee beans are suitable for boiling, let's learn together, perhaps someday you will use it.

How to make coffee on gas stove

No Coffee Maker No Problem

Whether you can't have a cup of coffee due to a broken coffee maker, or you are in a place where there is only a stove-top fire-making tool, no pour-over coffee appliance, and no French press pot, do not fear, we who love coffee, can always find a way to solve the problem of making coffee, after all, fresh hand-made coffee will be especially good.

Of course, do not be afraid to try, the next method, maybe some of them will make you a little difficult to accept, but, it is a way, let's learn together.

How to make coffee on gas stove

Method 1: Gas Stove Coffee- Moka Pot

When it comes to making coffee on a stovetop, the Moka pot, is the way I recommend most.

The Moka pot was one of the first appliances invented for making coffee at home, and is a high-pressure extraction device for a short period, extracting a liquid coffee that is more inclined to espresso. Coffee made with a Moka pot is not difficult, but how to make better coffee? Let's discover!


Tip 1: Try lightly roasted coffee beans

Due to the high temperature of the water in the Moka pot, it tends to bring out more bitter and astringent substances. If you try to use lightly roasted coffee beans, the high temperature will reduce the acidity in the coffee beans, resulting in a balanced taste of sweet, sour, bitter, and mellow coffee, with a smooth taste but still with the original fruit acidity of coffee.


Tip 2: Use a full amount of coffee powder

How can you be sure whether the coffee powder is filled or not? You can do it like this: fill the empty powder slot of the Moka pot with coffee beans, then add the beans from the empty slot to the grinder for grinding, and finally pour all the ground coffee powder into the powder slot. If some of the powder does not fit, you can shake the slot to make sure that the rest of the powder fits into the slot.

The purpose of filling the powder tank is also to avoid extracting defective flavors. This is because the closer the density of the powder in the slot, the less likely it is that some of the powder will be over-extracted or under-extracted, resulting in uneven flavor or bitterness. If each coffee powder can be extracted evenly and just right, the flavor of the cup will be more complete and will not have too many defective.

How to make coffee on gas stove

Tip 3: The test of grind

Moka pot is designed to extract at high temperatures and pressure, so the extracted coffee liquid itself will be stronger overall. But do not easily grind the coffee powder too coarse, that will taste thin, flavor loss, and only bitterness.


Tip 4: Use filter paper properly

Most of the coffee extracted from the Moka pot will contain a small amount of fine powder, which will have a rustling sensation at the end of drinking. Then if you do not like this feeling, you can use a double layer of pill-type filter paper for filtering. After loading the coffee powder into the powder slot, one filter paper is placed on the coffee powder, and the other is glued to the bottom of the upper pot, which can effectively make the coffee beans taste clean and clear.


Tip 5: Turn down the heat when it's almost boiling, and turn off the heat when the coffee is halfway through extraction

When the Moka pot heats up to a certain temperature, it will make a distinct "giggling" sound, after listening to this sound, you can turn down the heat. Don't let it heat up too fast, a slow heating speed allows enough contact time between the water and the coffee powder in the lower pot so that the extracted coffee liquid is more full of flavor. Otherwise, once the speed of the water is too fast, it will scatter the coffee powder layer, causing uneven extraction and extracting bitterness and unpleasant flavors.

In addition, when the upper pot of coffee liquid is out to half, you can prepare to turn off the heat. Because the pressure inside the pot is high at the end of the out-boiling process, it is sufficient for heat and pressure to complete the brewing.


Tip 6: Moderately add water

The coffee liquid extracted from the Moka pot is relatively thick, and adding some filtered water in moderation will make it softer to drink. The General Moka pot powder to water ratio is about 1:6-1:8, the concentration is quite high, and our general taste like to drink 1:15-1:17 ratio. So add the right amount of water or milk and blend it into a more suitable taste for our mouth.

The good flavor in the coffee will not be lost because we add water to dilute it, instead, the right level of strength will allow us to enjoy a more refined coffee flavor.

The above six tips are to help us make better coffee with a Moka pot, next we look at simpler ways.


Method 2: Gas Stove Coffee- With a Bag

The method is quite simple, all you need is a kettle that can boil water (after all, we need to make coffee on the stovetop), filter paper, string, and mugs, four in total.

According to the amount you need, grind the right amount of coffee powder in proportion to the amount you need, a medium coarse coffee powder is recommended.

Pour the coffee powder into the filter paper and tie it with a string (to keep the coffee powder from mixing out). Tie the coffee powder bag to the mug. The principle is the same as that of making tea. Leave a long enough string to extend to the outside of the mug so that we can pull out the filter paper at any time.

How to make coffee on gas stove

Once the water is boiling, pour it over the mug, and keep an eye on the water temperature here. Depending on the roast level of your coffee beans, for deep-roasted coffee beans, a water temperature of around 194°F is recommended. For medium-roasted coffee beans, a water temperature of 203°F is recommended. Pour in the right amount of hot water according to the ratio. Let the coffee beans steep for 3-5 minutes, or 2-3 minutes if you want them to be lighter.

Please note that there is no need to stir during the steeping process.

Finally, take out the filter paper bag and enjoy, add cream or sugar according to your preference, it's especially easy!


Method 3: Gas Stove Coffee-Cowboy Coffee

This way is what I feel is the wildest way to make coffee, pouring it directly into the pot and boiling it!

Yes, that's right. We don't need a filter, we don't need a Moka pot, we just need the pot and the coffee powder.

How to make coffee on gas stove

Step 1: Heat the water to boiling, pour in the coffee powder, and after boiling for about 40 seconds, stir the coffee liquid.

Step 2: After stirring, boil for another 2-3 minutes without a lid

Step 3: Remove from heat after 2-3 minutes. Waiting for the coffee liquid to properly reduce in temperature helps the coffee powder to sink to the bottom.

Step 4: Once it has sunk in, you can pour it directly into a cup and enjoy! Of course, it is best if you have a filter, otherwise, the taste will be especially rich!


Final Thoughts

The three methods above are all very simple ways to make coffee.

If you are not a perfectionist, there are many ways to make coffee, we do not have to consider only the expensive coffee machine, you will never be able to find a perfect cup of coffee, but you can simply find the happiness of drinking coffee.

For example, if you mess up with the above methods, it's okay, try more, you will find that the original slightly changes the factors, and a new flavor of the coffee was discovered by you! You can also make coffee with your lover, family, and friends, and feel the life, I think, this is one of the important charms of coffee.

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