How to Make Coffee with No Electricity

How to Make Coffee with No Electricity|Non-Electric Coffee Makers

Drinking coffee is an attitude, an essential thing in life.

When you are ready to turn on the coffee maker as usual, but you find that the kitchen is always dark, don't panic, yes, the power is out. Maybe how to get coffee will be the first thing that pops into your head.

Or perhaps, how do you make a cup of coffee when you are outdoors and ready to make a cup of coffee that doesn't need power?

No worries, whether you're in a dark kitchen or camping outdoors, you have plenty of options. Learn about the most convenient way to make coffee without electricity, read on to unlock your discoveries!

What You Must Have to Make Coffee When Without Electricity

First of all, what do we have to prepare or have to have for coffee made under no electricity?

You only need the following three things.

1. water

2. Coffee beans/coffee powder

3. Gas stove, or, a tool that can heat the water, wood is fine

Of course, the first two are easy to understand, if you are at home, my advice is to always prepare a gas stove inside the kitchen, a compact one, especially suitable for use in emergencies, such as this time, no electricity to make coffee. In the outdoors, perhaps a wood fire is the most convenient channel.


Top 4 Ways to Make Coffee Without Electricity

1. Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

Yes, you can still have a cup of espresso even without electricity! You can also choose single espresso or double espresso! And all you need is coffee powder or coffee capsules. Coffee capsules are the easiest to use and much easier to clean.

How to Make Coffee with No Electricity

You may be used to using coffee capsules with a coffee maker, but in fact, you only need firm pressure to drink espresso through this coffee maker as well. Some portable espresso machines support two methods of making coffee powder or coffee capsules, just find out when you buy.

Yes, you can still have a latte without power!


2. French Press Coffee Makers

The French press pot is a classic method of making coffee. I think of it in many situations.

How to Make Coffee with No Electricity

Whether it's outdoors or at home, a French press pot can also come in handy.

I'm sure you already know how to use a French press. You can check my past articles for details. Here I would like to mention that you must pay attention to "water", yes, it must be filtered water. Some of my friends told me that they didn't like the taste of the French press, and when I consulted her in detail about the preparation method, I found that they didn't use filtered water, some of them would use distilled water, which is also not recommended.

Second, pay attention to the ratio of coffee powder to water. No matter which grade of coffee beans you use, once the ratio is wrong, then the high-quality coffee beans are ruined. We see French press pots in several sizes, no matter which one you buy, it is recommended that you try the taste in different ratios first to find the best ratio for you. Don't be afraid to experiment, we can always get the most desired results from experience.


3. Hand Brewed Coffee

But it's not the glass version of the hand-brew pot that I would recommend.

I love to enjoy coffee outdoors, especially in the fall, and it would be perfect if I could brew a pot of coffee whenever I want! That's why I choose hand-brewing coffee utensils that are resistant, small, and easy to store.

How to Make Coffee with No Electricity

You just need to prepare the coffee powder, pour it on the coffee powder slot, use the drip filter, and pour in hot water at about 90 degrees in stages (of course the ratio of water to powder is still so important, please choose according to your preference), about 2 minutes, a cup of strong aromatic American coffee is finished. It is particularly simple. All you need is coffee powder and hot water.

If you are camping outdoors and happen to not bring a coffee kettle, don't worry, as long as it holds water, as long as you can make the water drip evenly, it is possible to make a cup of Americano.

Sometimes, we don't need the perfect appliance. The process is important, and so is enjoying the process. One of the charms of coffee is that it allows us to calm down and feel life. After all, a few more brews and you're familiar with it!


4. Moka Pot

Another classic production is the Moka pot.

How to Make Coffee with No Electricity

To use a Moka pot, you'll need to put it on the gas and cook it for a good minute, or you can put it on the fire, but be safe and avoid burning the handle.

It's easy to use a Moka pot, but what you still have to be careful of is the amount of water you add to the lower pot, not exceeding the safety valve. Think about why it is called a safety valve. You will be able to understand it very well.

You should clean the Moka pot promptly after using it. Most of the Moka pots on the market are made of aluminum, which is also the reason why it is harder to clean it. Of course, I also have a stainless steel Moka pot can share with you, the bottom is stainless steel, and the top is high-temperature resistant transparent glass, in the process of watching the coffee spill is also a kind of enjoying it!

If you want to take the Moka pot with you outdoors, the convenience will be less than the first three methods, which is why I am sharing it with you at the end. Of course, if you are using it at home, you don't have to worry about it at all.



Whether you're in the morning of a power outage or in the middle of a camping trip, it won't affect the cup of coffee you drink in the morning. Instead, what you have to consider is, do you want espresso or hand-brewed coffee. Or is it a French press pot, Moka pot coffee?

Whichever option you choose, you can enjoy every moment of your coffee properly.

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