Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It

Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It?

The gooseneck kettle is probably the most iconic symbol of contemporary pour-over coffee.

The elegant swan neck design, ergonomic handle, and tapered spout allow you to achieve the perfect precision extraction.

If you've ever taken the time to watch a few minutes of a pour-over coffee video, you've had the desire to say, "Should I buy a gooseneck kettle to make pour-over coffee?"

Is a gooseneck kettle a "luxury" for making hand-brewed coffee?

The answer is NO.


Do I Need A Gooseneck Kettle

Please do not think that your coffee will not taste as good if you lack a gooseneck kettle, or maybe, you can try more and discover more possibilities and more novel extraction methods.

A gooseneck kettle is a special brewing tool that helps you maintain the consistency of your process when making pour-over coffee, which is a "luxury" for pour-over coffee.

Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It


What Can Gooseneck Kettle Do

The gooseneck pot not only looks good, but most importantly, it is practical. It allows you to better control the speed and size of the water flow, which affects the extraction of the coffee powder.


(1) Control the water flow

The making of pour-over coffee may seem simple - just pouring water into the coffee powder, however, the amount of water flowing is also a matter of concern. The water flow is too small, the brewing time is too long resulting in excessive extraction, beginners are also prone to uneven extraction when brewing, resulting in a very confusing coffee flavor; the water flow is too large, the brewing time is too short resulting in insufficient extraction, the taste is like a lot of water into the coffee.

The gooseneck hand-brewed coffee pot due to the curved long neck design of the pot neck can make the water becomes easier to control, to better and more uniform speed out.


(2) Improve the stability of the brewing

What is to improve the stability of the brewing time? Perhaps this question is confusing for many beginners, the parameters of brewing are the same, but the final taste of coffee is not satisfactory.

Here comes the problem of "water break". Although you can control the speed of water flow, the spout design is not good, easy to lead to interruption of water flow, or intermittent out of the situation, imagine the last few seconds of the faucet off, there will be a few drops of water flow out. By the same token, a gooseneck kettle allows you to be sharper when breaking the water and better control the amount of water injected. It can help with stability when brewing coffee and get a more consistent coffee quality.


When Would You Use Gooseneck Kettle

Not all handcrafted coffee requires a gooseneck pot. When you are buying one, find out if it is needed for the brewing method you choose.

Steeping Extraction

Some artisanal coffee methods are not required to use a gooseneck kettle: French Press/Cold Brew. These are brewed by steeping the coffee, which is fine if you purchase a gooseneck kettle, but is not a must-have option.


Pour-Over Extraction

The benefits of a gooseneck kettle help you extract better when you make pour-over coffee. Also, some techniques and methods are almost impossible to make without using a gooseneck kettle.

For example, with lightly roasted coffee beans, this method has very specific extraction time and water injection requirements:

the first section is filled with water and smothered with 1.23oz for 30 seconds, the second section, is filled with water to 4.55oz, and the third section continues to be filled with water to 8.04oz when the water level is about to reveal the powder bed, and the filter cup is removed when the water level is about to reveal the powder bed.

As for the skillful control of the gooseneck pot to water like a trickle, it takes some practice, otherwise when you use the gooseneck pot is no different from using an ordinary kettle, and it will make you feel a little disappointed.


Which Gooseneck Kettle is Worth Buying

When you decide to buy a gooseneck kettle, here are my recommendations after using it. Of course, also consider whether you need an open fire to boil water and other needs.

Recommend 1: 1L/1.2L Cloud Kettle

This is a very popular gooseneck kettle. Large capacity, 90 ° swan neck, vertical flow control; three holes exhaust to prevent high pressure in the pot; 304 stainless steel pot bottom, suitable for a variety of heating methods.

Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It

(Click the picture to learn more)


Recommend 2: outdoor hand flush kettle

If you like the outdoor style, this one is a good choice. Gooseneck spout pot, water flow control freely; 304 stainless steel pot bottom, suitable for a variety of heating methods; 650ml capacity, suitable for brewing coffee for two people; lightweight, convenient to carry on the go.

Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It

(Click the picture to learn more)


Recommend 3: Simple hand-brewing po

If you want to buy an affordable gooseneck kettle, this is a good choice. Compact size, edible grade 304 stainless steel, 90° water control, brushed process, and a variety of color options. Especially suitable for those of you who like the simple design.Is a Gooseneck Kettle Worth It

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