Is Moka Pot As Strong As Espresso

Is Moka Pot As Strong As Espresso

The Moka pot is also named a stovetop espresso maker.

Through a simple brewing method, the coffee liquid is extracted to taste close to that of espresso machines, which began to be marketed worldwide because of its ease of production and unique taste.

So, some people questioned whether the taste of coffee liquid from a Moka pot is as strong as espresso.

To tell you first, they do not taste the same, but each has its characteristics.

Read on to learn more.


Moka Pot vs Espresso Machine (at a glance)


Moka Pot

Espresso Machine


Portable, top, and bottom pots design

Not portable, modern steel or metallic style, much bigger than Moka pot

Water temperature

Hot to mild

Hot water (190 °F)

Grinder size

Medium to fine

Thin to fine





Well-rounded, espresso-like

Rich, balanced, complex, bright

Time brewing

5-6 minutes

10-30 seconds



Needs a guide for proper cleanup





How they work

The working principle of a Moka Pot

The Moka pot is divided into the upper and middle structure, the lower seat is the water sink, the middle powder sink holds the coffee powder, and the upper seat holds the extracted coffee liquid.

Is Moka Pot As Strong As Espresso

It works by heating the water in the lower pot into steam, using the pressure of the steam to push the water up into the pipe into the powder tank and extract the coffee liquid, and then continuing to push up through the pipe to the upper pot to polymerize the outflow.

The process of making coffee in a Moka pot (the method is not the only one)

  1. add water to the lower pot, about 140 °F is good, remember not to exceed the pressure relief valve when adding water.
  2. put the powder bowl on the lower pot, fill the bowl with coffee powder and smooth it out.
  3. close the Moka Pot, put it on top of the electric stove, and turn on the heat.
  4. when the Moka Pot starts to extract coffee quickly, turn off the heat. The residual heat and pressure of the Moka pot will cause the remaining coffee liquid to go to the upper pot.
  5. When all the coffee liquid is extracted from the upper pot, you can pour it into a cup and taste it. The coffee made by the Moka pot tastes close to espresso, and can also be mixed with milk froth for a great taste.


The working principle of Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are divided into semi-automatic espresso machines and fully automatic espresso machines, both types of coffee machines work on roughly the same principle, using a mixture of high-pressure steam and water to quickly pass through the coffee layer and extract coffee instantly.

The main concern in espresso machines is the heating device (a tool that gives the water a heat treatment), generally, low-end mid-range coffee machines use a heating block (the disadvantage is that the heating is not stable), but some machines will take the design of multiple heating blocks to compensate for the disadvantages. High-end coffee machines use a boiler (heating stability, expensive).

Is Moka Pot As Strong As Espresso

General household semi-automatic coffee machines and automatic coffee machines belong to a single boiler or heating block, while professional semi-automatic coffee machines use a double boiler, double boiler coffee machines are very important for coffee shops.

The process of making coffee using a semi-automatic espresso machine.

1️⃣grinding bean, grinding the coffee beans into powder form (done by the bean grinder)

2️⃣Powder pressing, flattening the coffee powder into a cake (done manually)

3️⃣extraction (set by hand on the coffee machine for output)

4️⃣Making milk froth, using the steam wand of the coffee machine to pump high-temperature steam into the milk, thus heating it to form milk froth (manually set in advance on the machine for output)

5️⃣pulling flowers (done by hand)

6️⃣Complete production

The process of making coffee in a fully automatic espresso machine is similar to that of a semi-automatic, except that the powder pressing, extraction, and milk froth making are all done by the machine itself. Therefore, fully automatic coffee machines are very simple to operate and easy to get started; from grinding beans to extraction and milk froth making in one, they are very friendly to novice coffee makers.


Coffee Flavor

The coffee produced by a Moka pot is less concentrated, lighter in taste, with a relatively low acidity and bitterness point, and relatively low in mellowness.

The coffee machine produces a very high concentration of coffee, with high acid and bitter points and rich oils.


  • powder-to-water ratio and grinding

The traditional Espresso production method uses a powder-to-water ratio of about 1:2, the powder-to-water ratio of the Moka pot is generally between 1:5-1:6, the difference in the powder-to-water ratio is a reason for the slightly lighter taste. If you get a stronger taste, you can try adding a little less water. Also, Espresso is usually finer ground than Moka, so if you feel it is not strong enough, you can grind it more finely.

  • Pressure

The standard pressure of espresso machines is around 9 Bar, while the pressure of the Moka pot is only 1 to 2 Bar. Although the Moka pot can generate enough pressure to help brew coffee when it is heated, the coffee it makes is not as strong as espresso. If you are looking for a concentrated taste and a sense of grease, an espresso machine is probably your first choice.


Their pros and cons

Moka Pot


  • Produces a coffee that is both sour and bitter with grease
  • Easy to carry and doesn't take up much space
  • Affordable


  • The coffee made is not concentrated enough, and not delicate enough
  • The coffee produced lacks a certain flavor, and can only be used as a home coffee appliance, rare in boutique coffee shops

moka pot

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Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Fully automatic espresso machines are all one-touch operations, so even a novice can get started and produce coffee.
  • Small in size and has low noise.
  • The strength of the coffee in most machines is adjustable, and the number of coffee cups can be selected by a direct button.
  • The coffee machine can be cleaned automatically when it is turned on and off


  • Automatic coffee machines are suitable for home tasting, not for business use
  • Slightly expensive
  • Slightly larger, some products need to occupy more positions and need to be connected to water


Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Semi-automatic espresso machines are relatively durable, and professional home and commercial use will not have any problems even if you make many cups of coffee every day for a long time (generally outside coffee shops will use semi-automatic coffee machines)
  • Can make high-quality coffee, a variety of fancy coffee drinks (milk coffee and fancy coffee)
  • Experience the pleasure of making coffee yourself



  • Operation is relatively complex, without professional barista training, it is difficult to make high-quality coffee
  • Slightly larger
  • The price is slightly expensive
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