Moka Pot Sizes: Choose The Perfect Size For Your Brew

Moka Pot Sizes: Choose The Perfect Size For Your Brew

Choosing the Right Size and Good Performance Moka Pot to serve your need would be quite important. Using pressure to create a rich, strong flavor coffee, which is similar to espresso, is why the Moka pot is also called a stovetop espresso coffee maker.

When you start to learn about the Moka pot, you will find that it comes in many sizes and what it describes as three servings of coffee, is not the same thing as what you think of as 3 cups of coffee, you need to keep reading on to help you find the Moka pot that fits your size.

Notes On The Use Of Moka Pot

Is Moka pot coffee equal to espresso? Does the powder chute of a Moka pot have to be filled, etc?
If you also have such questions, then learn about the common questions about the use of Moka pots before deciding which size Moka pot you want to buy.

#1 How Does A Moka Pot Work

The Moka pot is a classic Italian coffee pot, mainly made of aluminum, divided into three parts: the bottom pot, the powder slot, and the top pot.

The bottom pot is used to store the water and the top pot is used to store the extracted coffee liquid. By heating the water in the lower pot into steam, the pressure of the steam is used to push the water up into the tube into the powder tank to extract the coffee liquid, and then continue to push up through the tube to the upper pot to polymerize the flow.

The Moka pot is simple in both structure and production, and yet it can brew high-quality espresso, which is why it is always sought after.

#2 Does Moka Pot Make Espresso

Does a Moka pot make espresso? The answer is NO.

The coffee made by an espresso machine uses a mixture of high-pressure steam and water to quickly pass through the coffee layers and extract the coffee instantly, while the pressure at this time can reach 9 bar (the pressure of our Moka pots is only 2-3 bar). The coffee brewed under this pressure is very thick and will have emulsified grease, often called espresso.

Therefore, coffee made in a Moka pot will be stronger than pour-over coffee, but cannot compare to espresso machines. However, it is also known as espresso-like coffee because of the relative richness of coffee brewed in a Moka pot.

#3 Why Does Moka Pot Size Matter?

This is not a matter of fuss, the optimal ratio of water to coffee is built into the Moka Pot, a ratio we cannot change. The only way to get the most satisfying brew is to fill up the powder tank.

Therefore, the size of the Moka pot directly determines how many cups of coffee you can drink at a time, and it determines its strength and brewing time.

Choose The Right Size Of Moka Pot To Brew

When choosing a Moka pot size, there will be 5 sizes: 1 cup, 3 cups, 6 cups, 9 cups, and 12 cups.
What does the number of cups in a Moka pot mean? Let's move on to the next.

Moka Pot Size Comparison

It is important to know that when we talk about the number of cups in a Moka pot, it is not the same as the capacity of our traditional "cup".
In the capacity of a Moka pot, a cup of Moka pot coffee represents 50 ml of espresso liquid. In other words, 1.69 fl oz.

Following this algorithm, let's take a look at the standard cup size chart for Moka pots.
  • 1 cup will equal 1.69 fluid ounces.
  • 3 cups will equal 5.07 fluid ounces.
  • 6 cups will equal 10.14 fluid ounces.
  • 9 cups will equal 15.21 fluid ounces.
  • 12 cups will equal 20.28 fluid ounces.

What Is A Single-valve and Double-valve Moka Pot?

There are single-valve and double-valve Moka pots, and the single-valve Moka pot is represented by the first classic octagonal Moka pot invented in 1919. The single valve has only one valve, so the pressure of extracting coffee is less, and the extracted coffee liquid is slightly less greasy and tastes more refreshing.

A double valve means that the pressure valve is added to the upper pot of the Moka pot, which means that the pressure is increased. Compared with the single valve, the double valve will make the coffee extraction more concentrated and the coffee grease is thicker. Of course, the double valve does not necessarily mean that there is more grease, this also takes into account the variety of coffee and the degree of roasting, good materials plus a good configuration, naturally can produce a rich and greasy espresso.
Moka pot size


Points To Note When Selecting A Moka Pot

  • How many cups of coffee do you plan to make at a time? If you need to share coffee with someone, then a one-cup Moka pot is not for you.
  • How powerful is your stove top (heating tool)? If you buy a Moka pot for multiple servings but put it on a low-powered stove top to heat it, it will be easy to over-extract and have a bitter burnt taste to your coffee.
  • How strongly do you like your coffee? The less water you put in the same amount of coffee powder, the more concentrated the coffee is and the stronger the flavor. If you are a heavy coffee lover, you may need a larger Moka pot so that you can enjoy multiple cups of espresso directly.

What Is The Most Popular Moka Pot Size

For solopreneurs and travel enthusiasts, the three-cup Moka pot is a perfect size.
With a capacity of 5.07 ounces at a time, you can easily make a variety of milky coffee drinks or dilute them with water to make 8 to 12 ounces of coffee, so you can enjoy hot coffee every time without worrying about the rest of the coffee getting cold.

Small size, storage does not take up space, and very lightweight, whether put at home to use or outdoors, are particularly space-saving. What's more, it is not sensitive to heating tools, even if yours is a low-powered stove, you can still make the perfect espresso.

Moka Pot Sizes

Need to make coffee for two people, a six-cup Moka pot is a perfect size.
It can make 10 ounces of espresso liquid at a time, enough to satisfy the caffeine needs of two people every morning. The simplicity of making it is also popular with small families.

moka pot size

A 9 or 12-cup Moka pot is especially good for you if you have several people in your family who need a regular caffeine fix, or if you like to entertain guests and have frequent family dinners.

Remember, as the coffee is finished extracting, it should not be reheated on the stove if it has become cold. If you buy a large-capacity Moka pot and can't drink it all in a short time, you may want to put it in a thermos.

Last Thoughts

A Moka pot is a special tool for making espresso coffee. The ratio of coffee powder to water is based on the size you purchase. The factors we can change are the quality of the coffee powder, the grind, the temperature of the water, and the quality of the water.

If you don't want to waste coffee, perhaps buying two sizes of Moka pots will meet the needs of your different usage scenarios. Of course, you can also consider buying another coffee-making tool, such as a French press maker. It is also a good idea.

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