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Metal vs. Glass - Which French Press Is Better?

The French press pot, is a coffee pot with no need to bother with power cords or complicated brewing techniques, simplicity, is its fatal attraction.

To get a cup of aromatic and delicious coffee, all you need is ground coffee powder, hot water, and four minutes of swiping your phone to have it.

While many people love French press pots, there is also a lot of discussions: is stainless steel better, or glass? Learn about their pros and cons perfectly here, but our goal is not to judge who is the best but to make more people aware of their features so they can make a better buying choice. Let's take a look!


Why is the French Press So Popular?

From the day it was taken to the market, the French press pot has been a favorite among coffee lovers all over the world.

It is a coffee pot that uses the simplest brewing method to get a cup that perfectly reveals the original flavor of the coffee beans.

Imagine when you want a strong coffee, but you don't have an espresso machine, you don't have a Moka pot, and you can't go out and buy one. If you only need a very low cost, a few simple steps, you can get a cup of fragrant and delicious fresh coffee, will you still hesitate?

I would immediately place an order for a French press pot to take home.

Many people also find that coffee made with a French press is more flavorful than coffee made with a drip coffee machine. If you love coffee, you will not fail to consider trying a French press.


The Stainless Steel French Press

Whenever I see a stainless steel French press, I would always feel that it is particularly "reliable". No matter where I am, I don't need to worry if it gets crushed or broken. That's great!

The most apparent advantage of a stainless steel French press is its durability over a glass French press.

Also because it's durable, it's great for carrying around, especially for outdoor camping or travel, and of course, its insulation is outstanding. So in terms of price, the stainless steel French press will be slightly more expensive than the glass model. But you will soon find that it is particularly "good value", despite your future use will appear scratches, this stainless steel French press will always be with you.

stainless steel french press

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  • A lifetime durable option
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Stays warm very well



  • May have a slightly metallic taste
  • No visual experience
  • Need to preheat


The Glass French Press

The glass French press has the exact opposite of stainless steel: it is breakable despite the use of high-quality borosilicate glass. It also fails to maintain coffee temperature very well. If you are planning to use it in cold weather, chances are you will be disappointed with a glass French press pot.

However, the glass French press remains very popular. Glass French press is very selective with many styles. At the same time, the transparent glass allows one to enjoy the process of extracting coffee, which is also a great experience. It is especially suitable for use at home, and what is more attractive is that it will be more affordable and selective.

glass french press

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  • Great visual experience
  • Can better restore coffee flavor
  • Probably more affordable than stainless steel
  • Lots of style options



  • Fragile
  • Not insulated


Which is Fit for You?

I firmly believe in one thing: there is no perfect one, only the most suitable one.

If you ask: which material is the best French press?

The answer is: there is none.

For people who love the outdoors, a durable, great insulating stainless steel French press jug seems to be the best choice. Because the material stability is outstanding, not only do you not have to worry about cleaning agents, but you can also put it in the dishwasher!

By the same token, for home use, the best choice is the one that looks good, has excellent filtration, and is affordable.

I hope you can find the right one for you, click here, there are more styles for you to choose from, and new users can also have a special discount!

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