What Is Special About French Press Coffee?

What Is Special About French Press Coffee?

French press is a commonly used coffee pot, with a steeping way to brew coffee, many people like to use the French press to brew coffee, as the French press pot is simple and convenient, not technical, and can largely release the coffee oil, brewed coffee flavor is more stable.

however, some people do not like the French press, as the French press will leave some coffee grounds, the higher the shortcomings of the coffee requirements.

The method of brewing coffee with a French press pot is not difficult, here is how to brew coffee with a French press pot, come and learn about it.


I. What is a French press coffee maker?

Many coffee pots can be used for brewing coffee, and the French press is one of them, the French press coffee maker, also known as the French filter pressure pot, as the name implies is to rely on pressure to extract coffee, it consists of a cylindrical container and a metal filter that can hold coffee powder and water separation, in addition to making coffee, can also make tea, so also known as tea brewer.

 What Is Special About French Press Coffee

II. What are the advantages and disadvantages of French press pots

1. Advantages of the French press pot

(1) French press is the way to use steeping, through the water and coffee powder in full contact with the stewing method, to release the essence of coffee, simple and convenient, not technical, and suitable for beginners.

(2) Brewing coffee with a French press pot, can largely release the coffee oil, and taste smoother, strong, and mellow; however, some people do not like the oil of coffee, which is a matter of opinion.

(3) The French press pot as a steeping extraction utensil, characterized by easy control, change the contact time between hot water and coffee powder, so it is convenient to control the coffee taste, suitable for the pursuit of stable coffee flavor friends.


2. Disadvantages of the French press pot

(1) With the coffee brewed out of the French press pot, there will be a little fine powder at the bottom, so people feel that the coffee is not clear enough, but this does not affect them, the big deal is not to drink a mouthful or two left on the line.

(2) The French press has another drawback, which is the high demand for coffee beans. The French press is most likely to expose the flavor of the coffee beans, thus using fresh coffee powder is very important.

(3) French press is not easy to clean if you did not clean them at once after using. Especially the filter, the coffee powder will remain on the filter which is more difficult to clean. What's more, by the time you use it, more and more residue on the filter, will affect the taste of the next brewed coffee. Thus, we gotta clean it well after we use it every time.


III. The steps of brewing French press coffee

French press is a practical coffee starter appliance, its ease of control over time, and the ease of observation, are beyond the reach of other coffee pots, so how do you brew coffee in a French press pot?

What Is Special About French Press Coffee

1. warm up the filter press pot and coffee cup with hot water.

2. pull out the filter pressure group of the filter press pot, pour out the water from the filter press pot, and put about 20 grams of coffee powder in the pot.

3. French press pot is placed at a 45° angle, put 6.76 fl oz of hot water at around 194 degrees Fahrenheit into it slowly and let it sit for 3-4 minutes.

4. stir the coffee powder with a bamboo stick so that the coffee oil entrapped in it floats to the top.

5. Set the filter set, gently press down to the bottom and pour the coffee into the warmed coffee cup.

6. Add the right amount of milk or sugar to the poured coffee if needed, and a cup of coffee is ready.


IV. Attention to coffee in a French press pot

1. when using a French press pot to make coffee, the coffee powder is a little coarse, because no filter paper or hot water directly contacts the coffee powder, coffee powder is too fine and will be over-extracted, affecting the taste.

What Is Special About French Press Coffee

2. the French press pot is a filter pressure pot, not high-pressure extraction, so use fresh coffee powder, otherwise, the coffee will be sour and burnt bitter.

3. after brewing in hot water, should be left for some time, not too short and not too long. 4 minutes is good.

4. the coffee powder can not be too little, otherwise, it is not easy to brew coffee, the general ratio of coffee powder and water in 1:10-1:18 or so is more appropriate.

5. the water temperature is recommended to use 194-204 degrees Fahrenheit hot water brewing, the water must use filter water.

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