Why French Press So Special

Why French Press So Special?

Coffee has become one of the most popular beverages around the world. Although it has not been a long time since coffee was invented, we can already see many different designs and functions in malls and on shopping websites, some are very high-tech, some are convenient, some are stylishly designed, and you can always find a coffee maker or coffee pot that suits your needs if your reason to spend some time to know.

Whether you like espresso, cappuccino, or hand-brewed coffee, we can make it at home, while traveling, or outdoors. The coffee we love is embedded in every moment of our lives.

And no matter how trendy the design of the coffee maker/coffee pot is, the French press pot, which has been around for more than 100 years, is still embraced by coffee lovers.

What is the appeal of the French press pot? Does French press pot coffee taste good?

Read on to learn more.


Why Do People Love French Press?

How do you make a great package of coffee beans reveal its unique flavor?
Do you need a skilled barista to make it?

How can we make a good bag of coffee beans show its unique flavor in our hands?
Do you need high-tech coffee equipment?

Not necessarily.

This is one of the major reasons why French presses are so popular:  they bring out the original flavor of the coffee beans.

The extraction mode of the French press pot is similar to the cup test, both for the steeping extraction, which has the advantage of minimizing the man-made influences and best reflecting the most original flavor of the coffee beans and also makes the overall operation process less complicated and easier to use.


The French press coffee has a more mellow taste.
The French press filters the coffee grounds through a metal filter, and the extraction method of steeping retains most of the grease, while the coffee-making mode, which requires the use of filter paper, filters out most of the grease, and the taste becomes much cleaner. If you like full-bodied coffee, French press coffee is especially suitable to try.


It's not just coffee.
The French press is a small, easy-to-store, on-the-go coffee pot. But it is not just a coffee pot, it can also be a teapot. Pour your favorite tea leaves into the French press, add hot water, steep for a few minutes, and a pot of sweet tea is made.


A coffee pot that lasts a lifetime
You don't need to worry about whether the wires are broken, whether there is a power source, whether the kitchen can fit, etc. The French press pot does not exist.
A glass water bottle, a frame, a lid, and a filter make your French press pot. It's simple, but it will stay with you for a long time. Although you may need to replace the plastic parts, they can be easily replaced.


There's another important attraction you need to know: cost-effectiveness
You can find one you like from ten to tens of dollars. There are many options for French press pots, whether it's the material, size, design, price, etc., you can make your choice. Trust me, for a few dozen dollars, you can have a French press pot with great color, design, and quality.


What is a French Press?

Despite its current popularity, the French press pot remained obscure for the first few years before it was introduced to the market for sale. It wasn't until its design was optimized a few times that it became popular in Europe and then in the United States where it became popular with many coffee lovers.

For more on the history of the French press, check out my past article: Where Was French Press Invented?


How does a French Press Work?

It has undergone several design optimizations to make the French press pot easier to make.

The principle of the French press pot is to extract the coffee liquid by immersion. By steeping the coffee powder in hot water and finally filtering the coffee grounds, you get a richly layered cup of coffee.

It is simple to do and does not require specific techniques, or expensive equipment, all you need is a pack of good-quality coffee beans and a portable grinder so that you can enjoy the original flavor of the coffee and even the imperfections of the coffee beans, etc. anytime, anywhere.


How to Make a Better taste French Press Coffee?

In just four steps, we can finish a cup of French press pot coffee.

Adding powder: Due to the larger pore size of the metal filter, the powder is ground slightly coarser, similar to the granularity of coarse salt. The amount of powder can be determined by the number of people, generally, 2 people can add 30 grams of powder, corresponding to the addition of 450 to 500 grams of hot water extraction.

Add water: water must choose soft water, the temperature can be selected according to the coffee beans, generally, 198 ° F can be.

Rest: rest for 2 to 4 minutes, you can try to rest at different times, to experience the difference in coffee oh.

Down pressure: After standing for a certain amount of time, we put the filter gently on the coffee liquid and then press down evenly until it touches the coffee powder at the bottom. This process requires care not to stir the coffee liquid, so as not to mix too many coffee grounds into the coffee liquid above.

The fine mesh filter is also the key to making a good cup of coffee. A good French press pot will still fit closely to the inner wall after many uses so that the coffee grounds will not leak into the coffee liquid.

Finally, gently pour the coffee mixture into a cup and enjoy.

Some people choose to filter the coffee through filter paper at the end of the pouring process, but I think this will reduce the coffee's fullness.


How to maximize the reduction of coffee grounds has the following TIPS.

Powder volume: 1L of water, corresponding to 60g~70g of coffee powder, generally, 30g of coffee is recommended to add 500g of water.

Water: fresh, clean, soft water, boiled.

Grind degree: medium coarse and fine (do not grind too coarse).

Stand: first stand for 4 minutes, after 4 minutes, gently stir the top layer with a spoon, when the coffee fines will start to sink. If you don't need the top layer of foam, just skim it out with a spoon.

At this point, let it stand for another minute, at which point the coffee grounds on the surface will slowly settle down. Finally, to avoid the coffee liquid being tipped again, gently press the filter onto the surface of the coffee liquid and slowly press it to the bottom, then pour out the coffee liquid and enjoy.


What Kinds of French presses are Available?

Open Google and search for French press pots, you will be surprised to know that there are many French press pots in styles, how should we choose a French press pot that suits our needs? You need to pay attention to the material of its three parts.

1. Body: The traditional French press pot body is made of glass. Now more are made of high borosilicate glass with better performance. Secondly, there are stainless steel, and plastic, these two materials.

  • Stainless steel pot body is resistant to falls, heat insulation, and better insulation.
  • And the advantage of plastic material is more of its portability.

2. Outer frame: The outer frame mainly plays a role in reinforcing and protecting the body of the pot. Generally will use a plastic or metal outer frame.

  • Plastic outer frame is better for protection because plastic will not damage the glass of the pot.
  • Although the stainless steel frame is strong, it is easy to scratch the body of the pot if it is not operated properly.

3. Strainer: common filter material is metal. The better metal material is a 304 stainless steel filter. Currently, there are food-grade silicone filters. The benefit of a silicone filter is not easy to scratch the inner wall.

The filter is good or bad to determine whether the French press pot coffee is "better". The finer filter can filter more coffee grounds.

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