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Stylish Cold Brew Dripper | Cafe Drip Coffee Maker 16oz

Stylish Cold Brew Dripper | Cafe Drip Coffee Maker 16oz

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Cold Brew Dripper

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Stylish Cold Brew Dripper – your perfect companion for crafting the finest cold brew coffee right at home. Elevate your coffee experience with this 20oz cold brew marvel, meticulously designed to cater to 1-2 servings, making it ideal for those cherished moments shared with your loved one.

Stylish Cold Brew Dripper
Say goodbye to the struggles of achieving that impeccable coffee flavor. Our adjustable water valve system empowers you to tailor the water flow according to the specific needs of your coffee beans. Unleash a world of rich, nuanced flavors with every drip, solving your coffee conundrums with just one cold brew dripper.

Stylish Cold Brew Dripper
Crafted with a keen eye for aesthetics, the cold brew dripper boasts a sleek exterior available in three captivating colors. It's not just a coffee-making device, it's an artistic statement that enhances your living space even when not in use.

Stylish Cold Brew Dripper
Responding to your unique needs, the glass construction satisfies your desire for a high-quality, non-pretentious appearance. Embrace the perfect blend of design and functionality as you control water flow speed autonomously, meeting your cravings for the ideal cold brew.

Revolutionize your coffee routine with the Stylish Cold Brew Dripper. Elevate your space, savor handcrafted coffee flavors, and redefine convenience – all in one extraordinary package. Experience coffee brewing like never before.

    How to Use this Cold Brew Dripper?


    • Name: Cold Brew Dripper
    • Naterial: Stainless Steel, Heat-resistant Glass, PC
    • Color: Black / Red / White
    • Capacity: The Upper Pot 16 oz / Lower Pot 20 oz
    • Sze: 12.2'' x 3.2''
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