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Japanese Cold Brew Pitcher | 34oz Ice Coffee Maker At Home

Japanese Cold Brew Pitcher | 34oz Ice Coffee Maker At Home

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Cold Brew pitcher

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Step into the future of cold brew with our Japanese Cold Brew Pitcher. Imagine a pitcher that reads your mind – it opens its lid when you tilt it. Savor a seamless pour with its 360-degree non-stop flow, ensuring every drop is as smooth as silk.

Japanese cold brew pitcher

No more grit in your cup! Our ultra-fine filter giving you a pure, bold elixir. And for those who appreciate abundance, indulge in a 34oz marvel of liquid artistry.

Japanese cold brew pitcher

With every pour, you're embracing centuries of craftsmanship and a touch of tech wizardry. Let the liquid dance begin, and let your taste buds travel. Experience coffee like never before – no spills, no compromise, just perfection.

How to Use this Japanese Cold Brew Pitcher?


  • Type: Japanese Cold Brew Pitcher
  • Capacity: 34 oz
  • Color: white / dark brown
  • Material: Heat-resistant Glass, ABS resin, Stainless Steel
  • Size: 10.6''H x 3.4''L
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