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Cuban Coffee Pot | 5oz Moka Espresso Maker

Cuban Coffee Pot | 5oz Moka Espresso Maker

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Experience the perfect cup of Cuban coffee with our innovative 5oz Moka Espresso Maker. Say goodbye to common coffee maker woes and embrace the next level of brewing excellence.

Cuban Coffee Pot

No More Splatter Woes: Tired of messy coffee spills during extraction? Our Cuban Coffee Pot features an innovative lid, allowing you to keep an eye on the brewing progress without the risk of splatters. Enjoy a clean and worry-free brewing experience.

Cuban Coffee Pot

Rich, Flavorful Espresso: Are you yearning for that rich, bold espresso flavor that's so hard to achieve? Our dual-valve pressure system operates between 2 to 3 atmospheres, ensuring that your coffee is extracted at the perfect intensity. Revel in the double-rich, velvety crema that's reminiscent of Italian espresso bars.

Cuban Coffee Pot

Health and Convenience Combined: We understand your concerns about oxidized interiors and difficult cleaning routines. That's why our lower chamber boasts an anti-oxidation ceramic coating. Not only does this ensure your safety and health, but it also simplifies cleaning – a quick rinse is all it takes.

Cuban Coffee Pot

Satisfy your craving for exquisite Cuban coffee while addressing your coffee-making woes. Elevate your morning ritual with a brew that's as beautiful as it is bold. Our Cuban Coffee Pot is your ticket to a seamless, aromatic experience. Don't settle for the ordinary – redefine your coffee journey today!

Cuban Coffee Pot

Experience the ultimate fusion of tradition, innovation, and taste. Order your 5oz Moka Espresso Maker now and relish the true essence of coffee, all within the comfort of your home. Discover coffee perfection, one cup at a time.

How to Use this Cuban Coffee Pot?


  • Type: Italian Moka Pot
  • Material: Food-grade Aluminum
  • Capacity: 5 oz
  • Color: Black, Green, White
  • Valve pressure: Dual valve Pressure
  • Size: 6‘’ x 3.3'' x 5.9''
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Can I use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

To make cold brew coffee, you'd better use coarse grind, that would be much better, and too find would lead to leakage. For more instruction, please check our past blogs for more details.
Tips and Tricks for Brewing the Perfect Cold Brew

How long does it take to steep cold brew coffee?

Cold brew for 12-24 hours in fridge is fine. So we recommend making it in the evening and enjoying a pot of aromatic cold brew coffee by the next morning! Click our past blogs for more:
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What's the best coffee-to-water ratio for cold brew?

The best coffee to water ratio is 1:4, but there are times when it fluctuates depending on your choice of coffee beans, personal flavor. Experiment a little more and you may find the flavor that works best for you! Click our past blog for more: A Beginner's Guide to Making Cold Brew at Home

How should I store cold brew coffee?

A well-preserved cold brew coffee is one that can be left in the refrigerator for up to a week to be consumed. Therefore, for preservation, it needs to be placed in the refrigerator and well sealed. Click our blogs for more details: Does Cold Brew Need to be Refrigerated?

Are there any health benefits to drinking cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee can offer lower acidity and smoother taste, potentially reducing stomach discomfort for some. However, it retains caffeine, antioxidants, and potential benefits like improved alertness. Therefore, it is important that we control the amount of coffee we consume each day. If you are already unwell, it is advisable to follow your doctor's advice.

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