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Espresso Grinder | Manual Coffee Grinder

Espresso Grinder | Manual Coffee Grinder

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❣️CNC steel grinding core, efficient and uniform grinding: selected 420 stainless steel grinding core, 5-axis high-precision CNC cutting process, hard grinding core, sharp cutting, meticulous grinding, efficient and uniform.
❣️Spot coarse and fine adjustment to meet different coffee needs: multiple grind degrees are available, clockwise fine and counterclockwise coarse. Suitable for hand brewing, Moka pot, French press pot, siphon pot, and other production methods, so you can easily enjoy coffee.
❣️Double bearing reinforcement, smooth and stable grinding: double bearing design, to ensure smooth and stable rotation of the core shaft, grinding evenly and meticulously.
❣️Space aluminum metal shell, advanced texture: precision space aluminum shell, advanced texture, and durability, lightweight and portable.
❣️Anti-slip vertical design, comfortable and delicate grip: vertical three-dimensional texture, the texture of the atmosphere fashion, super anti-slip, grinding more easily.
❣️Longer rocker, grinding more effort: with an ergonomically designed comfortable grip, enhanced leverage, grinding more effort.
❣️Large capacity powder compartment, anti-static design: single grinding powder volume up to 0.89oz, anti-static inner wall, the coffee powder can be easily poured out, reducing powder loss.


  • Product size: 6.22''x1.97''x7.28''
  • Main material: ABS+Aluminum alloy
  • Product weight: 11.64oz
  • Grinding volume: 0.89oz


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