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French Press For Sale | 13oz Glass Single Cup Coffee Press

French Press For Sale | 13oz Glass Single Cup Coffee Press

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French Press For Sale

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Elevate your coffee experience with our captivating French Press for Sale. Meticulously crafted from handpicked olive wood, it's not just a press, it's a statement of elegance and ingenuity. 

French Press For Sale

Feel the upgrade with its thick high borosilicate glass, promising both durability and thermal resistance. The rounded handle fits your grip like a tailored glove, ensuring comfort as you pour your perfect cup.

french press for sale

Underneath, a 304 stainless steel filter weaves its magic, delivering a smooth and refined brew. Let your mornings be a rendezvous with sophistication, where each sip resonates like a Mediterranean breeze. Add a touch of art to your mornings – the French Press for Sale, where craftsmanship meets coffee perfection.

    How to Use this French Press Coffee Maker?


    • Material: high borosilicate glass, olive wood
    • Filter Type: Stainless Steel
    • Product weight: 10.23 oz / 14.22 oz
    • Size:
    • 13.53 oz=2.7'' x 6.9'' 
    • 22.05 oz=3.35'' x 7.09''
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