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Ice Drip Coffee Maker with Adjustable Drip | 10oz

Ice Drip Coffee Maker with Adjustable Drip | 10oz

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Ice Drip Coffee Maker

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    This 10 oz Ice Drip Coffee Maker, thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique desires of 1-2 individuals. Ideal for sharing moments with your loved one, this beautifully designed coffee maker effortlessly transforms your daily caffeine ritual into an artistic indulgence.

    ice drip coffee maker

    Designed to address your coffee conundrums, our Ice Drip Coffee Maker boasts an adjustable water valve mechanism, catering to various coffee bean profiles by accommodating different water infusion rates.

    ice drip coffee maker

    Unveil convenience like never before with its innovative split upper and lower carafe design. Once the delicate brewing process is complete, seal it with the provided lid and store it directly in your refrigerator or enjoy it immediately.

    ice drip coffee maker

    Crafted from premium, durable, and thermally resistant borosilicate glass, our coffee maker gracefully navigates rapid temperature changes without a hitch. Not just a coffee maker, it's a functional piece of art that adds an aesthetic touch to your living space, even when not in use.

    ice drip coffee maker

    Embrace control with the ability to tailor water flow speed, allowing you to orchestrate your coffee's strength according to your mood and preference.

    Savor the art of coffee-making with the Ice Drip Coffee Maker - an exquisite creation that blends form and function seamlessly, a testament to our commitment to enhancing your coffee journey.

    How to Use This Ice Drip Coffee?


    • Type: Ice Drip Coffee
    • Material: High Borosilicate Glass
    • Capacity: 10.14 oz
    • Weight: 17.4 oz /17.79 oz
    • Size: 3.89'' x 9.84'' x 4.53''
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