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Single Serve French Press | 2-Cup Glass French Press

Single Serve French Press | 2-Cup Glass French Press

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Single Serve French Press

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Indulge in coffee excellence with our Single Serve French Press. Step into nostalgia with its unique burgundy glass design, reminiscent of a classic era.

Single Serve French Press

Crafted entirely from premium high borosilicate glass, it guarantees both heat resistance and aesthetics. 

Single Serve French Press

We hope you note that glass materials all have one thing in common: they will break.

So under what circumstances will our borosilicate glass break? Check out our past blogs where you'll learn more and hopefully help you make your choice.

Is it Safe to Pour Boiling Water into a Glass?

Single Serve French Press

Choose your perfect companion from the 13oz or 22oz options, tailored to your caffeine journey. Elevate your mornings, one pour at a time, and let the Single Serve French Press be your catalyst for flavorful adventures. Experience coffee reimagined.


    • Material: high borosilicate glass
    • Filter Type: Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 13.53 oz / 22.05 oz
    • Size:
    • 13.53 oz= 2.76'' x 6.3''
    • 22.05 oz= 3.15'' x 7.28''
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